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Why You Need An Independent Insurance Agent

Insurance is the safeguard for your family, your home, your car, and your business. Where and how you buy insurance has a huge impact on the quality of your coverage, how much you spend, and the ongoing service you can expect.

As an independent insurance agency, we work on your behalf to source the best possible combination of price and coverage from a wide range of insurance companies. We help you choose the right policies for your individual needs.

Your Independent Insurance Agent...

is a licensed professional with broad knowledge of all different types of insurance.

is not tied to any one company, so if and when your coverage needs change, we are there to find what you need.

is a value hunter who always has your best interests in mind; we shop around to find the right coverage at the most competitive rates

offers one-stop shopping for all your insurance needs: homeowners, renters, auto, business, life, and health insurance.

periodically reviews your coverage to keep up with your changing needs and offer any new or better options that might become available

has your back if you need to file a claim. We work directly with your carrier to settle matters quickly and efficiently.

treats you like a person, not an account number.

Your needs are our number one priority. Your continued satisfaction is always our goal.