New York Boat/Watercraft Insurance coverage

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Whether you are looking to purchase a new watercraft, or you are a boat owner, you need to make sure that your legal liability and personal property obligations are protected in case a boating/ watercraft accident occur. While the thought of a watercraft or boat accident is something nobody would like to imagine, the truth is thousands of watercraft accident occur every year in the U.S alone. This is the primary reason you should consider acquiring a watercraft/boat insurance to protect you from any liabilities when an accident happens.

What is boat insurance?

Boat/Watercraft insurance is a type of insurance policy, which offers boat owners coverage for personal watercraft and boats. Apart from catering for liabilities, this insurance policy also covers wreckage removal, towing, and fuel spill indemnification. The wonderful thing about having this type of insurance is that you can purchase it for houseboats, sailboats, and pontoon boats.

Who requires watercraft/boat insurance?

One of the common mistakes most people make when it comes to watercraft insurance is instantly assuming that a homeowner’s insurance policy automatically covers your boat. However, this is not true. While your home insurance policy does provide protection to your boat; but relying on it entirely might leave you under-insured.

Thus, if you are looking to own a boat or you already have one, you do require a watercraft insurance policy.

Is it a requirement?

Watercraft/boat insurance covers a majority of watercraft with motors, and this includes sailboats, fishing boats, paddleboats, yachts, pontoon boats, and leisure crafts. However, not all states legally mandate that your boat requires insurance. To find out, you can visit Hagerdon Insurance Agency Inc. in New York, and we will help you learn more about boat insurance in our state. You can visit our offices, call us, or look at our website for more information. Hagerdon Insurance Agency Inc. in New York, we are always available to help.