New York Commercial Insurance coverage

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Small businesses are the backbone of New York state. To protect these businesses and ensure their continued success, many business owners take to securing their business with commercial insurance. Whether you have a small deli or operating your own retail store, our agents at Hagerdon Insurance Agency Inc. can draft your insurance policy to fit the needs of your business.

Get That Liability Protection

Anytime a business is open to the public and available for services, the most responsible choice they can make is to have liability coverage with their commercial insurance policy. At any time, an accident may happen involving either employees or customers, and your business could be held responsible for all the financial damages. Avoid losing your business to one of these cases by having a policy that will take that responsibility, allowing your business to continue in operation.

Loss Coverage

Has your business been closed for several days or weeks due to an accident or natural disaster? Having your business closed for more than a single day can put the smallest of businesses in a financial panic. With commercial insurance, business owners have the option to include loss coverage, that covers wages lost during this time, allowing you to retain quality employees and keep the business afloat.

Protect Your Property

With commercial insurance, your business property such as furniture and equipment are covered should they be damaged. Instances such as natural disasters or theft could cause a business to lose essential equipment, and those that are not insured will be obligated to cover the cost.

Secure Your Business Investment Today

Even a successful business can be looking down the road to closing if they are not properly insured when tragedy strikes. Protecting your personal investment in your business as well as your employees can be as simple as having the right commercial insurance. Give us a call at Hagerdon Insurance Agency Inc. or visit our New York office to create a policy that is right for your business.