New York Homeowners with Home insurance coverage

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If you are a homeowner in New York or looking to purchase a home in the future, having quality home insurance is essential for protecting your home. Your home is an asset for your family and should be protected. The state of New York has seen different types of extreme weather patterns across the different regions and throughout different seasons, making the need for home insurance higher than before. We at Hagerdon Insurance Agency Inc. have a home insurance policy that will protect your home.

Natural Disasters

Due to weather being unpredictable, the structure of your home can fall victim to damages by forces such as wind from these unforeseen circumstances. Should the foundation, windows, or roof find damage due to one of these unpreventable disasters, your home insurance policy will cover damages sustained during many of these disasters. Any additional structures that you have on the property such as sheds will be covered if you contact your agent and notify them of the structure.

Accidental Fire?

Unfortunately, many families annually suffer damages to their homes from an accidental fire. Should your home or other structures that are included on your policy fall victim to one of these fires, the damages will be covered by your policy after meeting with an adjuster to determine the extent of the damages. Personal property may be covered for damages depending on their value and if they were noted in the policy.

Liability Coverage

Should an accident happen on your property resulting in damages to a guest's property or bodily injury, your liability coverage that is included will cover the extent of the damages and fees that are necessary for replacement, medical bills or both.

Protect Your Home Today

One of the most valuable assets you own is your home, and it is also important to all your family members. Ensure that it is properly insured today by reaching out to our agents at Hagerdon Insurance Agency Inc. today.